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AMD/ATi Eyefinity Active DisplayPort to Single-Link DVI-I Dongle


  • $16.98

Condition : Brand New with 2 months limited warranty

Compatible : Mac/PC 's Graphics Video Card with MiniDisplay Port

Features :

Designed to apply to AMD/ATI graphics card for Eyefinity technology support multi monitor output.

Compliant with DisplayPort Interoperability specification V1.1a 1 and 2 Lanes

Content protection of HDCP 1.3 for DisplayPort and DVI

Active Adapter Protocol Converter Converts a Single-Mode DisplayPort signal to Single-Link DVI

Supports TV Resolutions of up to 1080p and up to 1920x1200 (reduced blanking) for Computers

Sends Extended Colors up to 8-Bits per Component for Millions of Colors

*Best For AMD/ATi Radeon HD Graphics Card (ATI Eyefinity Validated by AMD)