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Samsung SM951 AHCI M.2 PCIe SSD 512Gb For Apple MacPro 4,1 / 5,1 *Pre-installed macOS Mojave 10.14.6


  • $119.98

Condition : New with 90 Days limited warranty  

(Working Pull from OEM system , 100% Excellent condition)

Compatible Mac Pro Model: Apple Mac Pro From 2009-2012 (4,1 / 5,1) *Require METAL supported Graphics Video Card 

*20x faster & Reliable than Traditional Hard Disk Drive

Upgrade your MacPro with macOS Mojave running PCIe M.2 SSD with PCI-Express x4 Speed Faster Boot Up & App. Loading Time, Significant improvement of performance.

SM951 Specification:

Sequential Read : 2150 MB/s

Sequential Write : 1200 MB/s

Random Read : 90K IOPS

Random Write : 70K IOPS

Adapter Specification:

4x lane PCI-Express 2.0 interface Supports Communication up to 20Gb/s

Transparent to operating system and does not require any driver 

Compliant with M.2 Specification Revision 0.9-3

Compliant with PCI-Express Base Specification Revision 2 

*Optimized For MacPro 4,1 & 5,1 Tower and ready for upgrade to Mojave 10.14 directly 

**Fastest SSD For Your Classic MacPro Tower From 2009 to 2012** 

*Free NGFF converter adapter for MacPro Now, Plug & Play

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